We Draw Together brings strangers together for moments of authentic, creative social connectivity. Both Natalie and Trevor have years of training and experience in dialogue facilitation and community building. After participating with us we hope people are quicker to take social risks, question their self-imposed rules, permit themselves more freedoms and live out their days with more spontaneity.

Hosting social mixers at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago



Offering emotional quality control services at the DUMBO Arts Festival in Brooklyn



Hosting interpersonal conversations with strangers as insect psychics at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago


An interactive sculpture game used to simulate the challenge of managing anger.  Tech by Simon Alexander-Adams.

Performance workshop for 150 University of Michigan students.  Two people helped a third person (with closed eyes) stay on a path with audio cues (snapping.)  This exercise simulates relying on other’s judgment when you can’t trust your own.