inducing play, interaction, and laughter with the public. 

Many of these projects were made with our friend Chris Sandon and other collaborators.

Peacock Mantis Shrimp: 25′ costume for the public to puppeteer.

Eel: 25′ costume for the public to puppeteer.

Piranhas: 16 head pieces transform a group of humans into a deadly (and very cute) school of fish ready to eat crowds at festivals.

Live Video Games: Moving obstacle course with live sound.

Nervous Dental Patient: Remove the candy without zapping the braces.

Crocodile: A soft, light creature that eats people at the beach.

Fear: A 14′ monster.

Lucky the Cat: A super cute cat until…

Devil and Angel: Will you side with your selfish or kind instincts?

The Conspicuous Inconspicuous Spies: Interactive slapstick nonsense

Alien Queen: Formally a boss battle for the Live Video Games, the queen has retired.

Headless Chicken

Remote Control Laboratory Primates: All trouble

Piñata: 12′ long, 12′ tall, and filled with… piñata guts?

Spider: 18′ long creature waiting to (gently) chew on bypassers 

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